A Dog, Bling

Author, Dawn Secord

Bling's Blog

Bling = BFF
(Bling's Friend Forever)

Bling is so excited to have her own website and blog.   She thought having a fan page was a special way to keep in touch with you.

It is important to tell you happy birthday and let you know how important you are and how much she loves you.

For Your Parents:
     This is a safe place for kids who love dogs.   ( especially for those who LOVE BLING!)  Please know this is a private list that is not shared with anyone.   For safety, we do not want phone numbers, addresses or last names.

Kids - and Fans of Bling , just have your parents sign you up and Bling will email you an autographed photo and a special "for fans only" newsletter.   Sign up below - all you need is your first name, an email address and your birthday (Month and day only) so Bling can send you a birthday note.

Bling sends you big kisses.

"Thank you for joinging my fan club!
Join Bling's BFF Fan Club and get your own autographed photo from Bling!
Your Friend, Bling


Bling would love to wish you a happy birthday and a fun "for kids only" newsletter! 
Sometimes she sends out a card now and then as a surprise.
You'll need the help of your parents.  Have them set up you to get messages from Bling!
Your Name - First Name Only
Birthday - Day and Month ONLY
A Dog Bling