A Dog, Bling

Author, Dawn Secord

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Bling modeled for this cartoon greeting card.   She has a friend hiding in the weeds.  Do you see him?

There are 8 cards and 8 envelopes in a package.  $15.00 plus shipping
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Bling modeled for this fine art print when she was a puppy.  She is standing next to the original painting so you can see the size it is.   The reproduction is on museum quality paper and is signed and numbered.   A Certificate of Authenticity comes with the artwork.  If you let Bling know you the artwork is for a child, she will sign the certificate too!

The name of the artwork is "Catch a Star".

The print measures 12" x 36" and is $165.00 plus shipping.

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What people are saying about Bling and the painting, "Catch a Star"

Vicki, San Dimas, CA    I love your work, and this piece in particular because the subject is your beautiful Bling!

Deb P You have captured her enthusiasm and her "Sparkle!" Love you Bling!

Debi B Look on Bling's face is priceless

Cheryl S I would love to have a picture of Bling to adorn my wall!

Anna-Marie S Bling is beautiful, as always.

Susan R Wow! This is beautiful! Your girl is stunning...then, and now!

Kathie W Love this piece and especially because it is Bling!

Chuck B Bling would look great on my Setter wall of art!

Cathy S I LOVE Dawn’s work and would LOVE to have this one too. I also am a huge admirer of Bling!

Beth C I love Bling and her sweet spirit and this painting capture her so well!

Nancy C Yes, gimme some Bling and a Star, please. Sharing, too

Cynthia K Love your work! Bling is so special. Also the painting you did for me of Emma is very special even though she is gone now...

Bobbe J Love this picture because even though it is Bling it could be any redheaded Irish Setter pup ❤️ 🍀Shows the personality of an Irish Setter pup!

Sheila F. S I know, I loved her then and I love her now!!

Lara S Everyone needs a little Bling! Love this

Julie:  I Bling is so beautiful... I would LOVE this print

Brenda:  Utah Bling is a beautiful dog! The painting is wonderful how you there is so motion. I would this.

Mary:  Tennessee, I love Bling. I would love to win this

Mary:  Kansas, Beautiful Bling! Love all your work Dawn

Ililani:  Oregon, Bling is a STAR! and the 15th is my brothers birthday, are the stars aligned? This is such a fun piece.

Sandy:  Oklahoma, I've always appreciated your God-given talent of realistically portraying our redheads! We've bought some of your art as gifts for others but would LOVE to have this print in our own home. 🍀 Beautiful Bling!

Julie:  Ohio, Beautiful painting AND dog

Monica:  Wisconsin, Bling, you are gorgeous in real time and in print!!

Rosemary:  Pennsylvania, Such a beautiful work of art. And a beautiful Bling!

Diana:  Maryland, I adore this piece. The painting of Bling reminds me so much of an Irish Setter I had in Maryland as a child.
This is another cartoon of Bling that will be coming out as a greeting card in the near future.

We are thinking of a perfect name for this card.  Please email us with your ideas! 
A Dog Bling